1.Line chart 

This type of chart shows you the closing prices in a selected time. So when you choose 4h chart, it connects closing prices every 4 hours and makes the line. The advantage of this type of chart is it’s simplicity, however, we do not see what was happening with the price in the 4 hours before closing. Therefore we advice to use on of the next two chart types.


2.Bar chart

Bar chart shows as four different information. Price when the bar was open, lowest price during the chosen time, highest price during the chosen time and the closing price. This type of chart shows us more information than the line chart and is more often used by traders.


Here we can see the same chart as on the line chart, but with use of bars.


3.Candlesticks chart 

This type of chart is used the most. It shows us the same information as bar chart, but it is usually easier to see the opening and closing price. The difference is only in your preference, so you can choose freely based on what you like more.


And here you can see the same graph as with line and bar chart, but with the use of candles